Why Work for identilam

At identilam, we believe badges are the first step to a “Nice to meet you!”
A visual handshake. A wearable icebreaker. The saving grace when you can’t remember if that familiar face approaching you is Emma, Emily, or was it Elena?

At identilam, we see event badges as starters of authentic and meaningful human connections. With 35 years of expertise, we offer effective badging solutions, from custom-printed badges to a full onsite badging service.

An Interview with Jon – Sales & New Business

Our Values


  • Our community provides us with a place of belonging, sharing our mutual aims whilst embracing and accepting our differences
  • Working as a team, we serve our community to the best of our ability
  • We encourage community by creating a fun, welcoming, caring and engaging environment
  • Our community deserves an inclusive environment where everyone can bring their whole selves to work and we do all we can to foster this


  • We welcome change and we utilise the qualities within our values to overcome obstacles in our path
  • Taking the initiative, being dynamic and flexible ensures we make our own luck
  • We truly believe in ourselves, we back our talent and pride ourselves on our ability to adjust course quickly
  • We proactively challenge the status quo, keeping us honest and driving positive change


  • We feel motivated by the challenges ahead, and will show tenacity and courage to remove any barriers we may face
  • We’re strong and decisive in our decision making, acting quickly to optimise our opportunities
  • Our courage and bravery provide us with confidence to achieve objectives to standards beyond expectations
  • We are measured but fearless in our pursuit of our ambitions


  • We care about the business and the business cares about us in equal measure
  • It’s important to us that we strive for the highest of standards and take pride in everything we do
  • We take personal pride in what we do, where we work and we want people to feel proud of us
  • We take pride in playing an important part in our amazing community
  • The pride in ourselves and our business creates strength, builds resilience and authenticity in all we do


  • Our ability to ask genuine, open questions and actively listen to others is key to our success
  • Innovation, creativity and our ability to quickly adapt and problem solve gives us a commercial advantage and a sense achievement
  • Learning inspires us to develop ourselves as individuals, together as teams and overall as an organisation
  • We provide a safe environment to try new things and we celebrate pioneering bravery